Tough Training Tools

Category Requests
Objective Requested Items:
1x Hermitaur Hardclaw
1x Ceanataur Hardclaw
Client Buddy Agent Nagi
Reward Add Swap Lv 5 Support Moves function

Tough Training Tools is a Request in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Requests are various assignments granted by the different NPCs that you meet throughout the game. Players can complete Requests to earn unique rewards.


Better training tools means better trained Buddies! Can you help me get the materials I need?


MH Rise Tough Training Tools Request Information

Completion Conditions: Hand over a Hermitaur Hardclaw and a Ceanataur Hardclaw to Buddy Agent Nagi in Elgado Outpost.



How to Unlock Tough Training Tools in MH Rise

Tough Training Tools can be unlocked by

  • Unlock Info to be added



Tough Training Tools Request Notes & Trivia

  • Notes & Trivia for the Tough Training Tools request go here




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