boggi preview small monsters monster hunter rise wiki guide
Enemy Type Small Monster
Species Bird Wyvern
Ailments TBC
Weakness TBC
Resistances TBC
Location(s) The Citadel

Boggi is a Small Monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Small Monsters are typically hostile and optional objectives of Hunts, but can produce valuable Materials.  This page covers information on Boggi including weaknesses, drops, location information, strategies, tips and tricks to help you defeat this monster.


 Bird Wyverns living in the highlands of the Citadel. These calculating creatures hunt their prey with cunning, often waiting for them to grow weak before striking. They're dangerous creatures that surround their prey in packs with their sizeable claws ready to strike, so dont approach them carelessly.


MH Rise Boggi Details & Locations


MH Rise Boggi Combat Info

  • Weak to TBC
  • Resistant to TBC
  • Tips and notes go here


MH Rise Boggi Materials

The tables below contain information on the different Items and Materials that can be obtained from the Low Rank, High Rank, and Master Rank variations of Boggi

Master Rank

The table below indicates the various materials or items obtained from the Master Rank variation of Boggi, it also includes the percentage chance of acquiring the materials.

Material Carves Dropped Materials
gajau scale hunter rise wiki guideBoggi Thickhide 52% (Body) - - %
almudron scale+ material mhr wiki guideBoggi Shard 33% (Body) - - %
jyuratodus fang+ material mhr wiki guideCrushing Fang 15% (Body) - - %

Low Rank & High Rank

This monster is only available in Master Rank Content.


MH Rise Boggi Weapons & Armor

Armor and Weapons related to the Boggi Monster.


  • Boggi Weapon Example
  • Boggi Weapon Example


MH Rise Boggi Buddy Weapons & Armor

Palico and Palamute Armor and Weapons related to the Boggi Monster.



  • Boggi Palico Weapon Example
  • Boggi Palico Weapon Example


  • Boggi Palico Armor Example
  • Boggi Palico Armor Example



  • Boggi Palamute Weapon Example
  • Boggi Palamute Weapon Example


  • Boggi Palamute Armor Example
  • Boggi Palamute Armor Example


Notes & Trivia

  • Revealed with The Three Lords trailer on March 15, 2022


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