Trophy & Achievement Guide for Monster Hunter Rise  (MHR) covers information that indicates a list of all the trophies and/or achievements that can be obtained in order to achieve a 100% completion rate for players on the Nintendo Switch. Players can find information on how to obtain the following trophies/achievements that are listed below.

Monster Hunter Rise Trophy & Achievement Guide

The Nintendo Switch doesn't have achievements or trophies, but the game has its own version of "awards" that are displayed on your Guild Card. Achievements 39 to 43 were added with the 2.0 expansion. Achievements 44 to 50 added with the 3.0 expansion.




How to get it.

1 Kamura Amulet A trinket given to new hunters who have proved themselves capable.  Get HR1
2 Ancestral Blade A prize for vanquishing Magnamalo. This blade has led Kamura for generations.  Defeat Magnamalo in Village quest
3 Apex Shortsword Granted for banishing an Apex in the Rampage. Its blade is riddled with battle scars.  Kill an Apex monster for the first time
4 Tempestuous Trimph Scroll A hanging scroll from Master Hojo, depicting your victory over Wind Serpent Ibushi.  Defeat Wind Serpent Ibushi in Hub quest
5 Calamity Conqueror Scroll Received upon defeating Ibushi and Narawa. Depicts the two serpents leading the Rampage.  Defeat Thunder Serpent Narwa in Hub quest
6 Aspiring Hunter Certificate A souvenir from the Guild for completing many low rank quests.  Complete all LR quests in Hub and Village
7 Rampage Nemesis Certificate A souvenir from the Guild for completing many Rampage quests.  Complete 50 Rampage Quests.
8 Spiritwood Necklace Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Shrine Ruins. Made from Spiritwood Branches.  Complete 50 Quests in Shrine Ruins
9 Frozen Lampsquid Earring  Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Frost Islands. A relic encased in primeval ice.  Complete 50 Quests in Frost Islands
10 Prismatic Chalice Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Flooded Forest. Was found buried under rubble.  Complete 50 Quests in Flooded Forest
11 Silver Cactus Ring Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Sandy Plains. A peculiar silver cactus ring.  Complete 50 Quests in Sandy Plains
12 Heliotrope Bracelet Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Lava Caverns. Glitters a red-blue mélange.  Complete 50 Quests in Lava Caverns
13 Wreath of Honor A wreath received from the villagers as thanks for taking on their many requests.  Complete 100 optional Subquests.
14 Kamura Pinwheel Awarded for performing 1000 Wiredashes. Spins smoothly in the wind.  Perform 1000 Wiredashes
15 Shabby Canyne Saddle Awarded for riding Canynes many times. Worn in odd places from countless voyages.  Spend 10 hours riding a Palamute in total
16 Beat-up Construction Kit Awarded for unlocking lots of camps. Each of its nicks and grooves tells a story.  Unlock all subcamps on all maps.
17 Great Wirebug Plate Awarded for discovering many Great Wirebug launch points. Sports a nice relevant design.  Put a Great Wirebug on all possible spots
18 Hunting Helpers Plate Awarded for gathering 500 Hunting Helpers. Features a beautiful depiction of them.  Pick up 500 Hunting Helpers
19 Golden Spiribug Plate Awarded for gathering 1000 golden and gilded spiribugs. Shines much like they do.  Gather 1000 golden or gilden spiritbugs
20 Antique Bookmark Awarded for finding many Old Messages. Adorned with a tasteful pattern.  Find all Relic Records
21 Deft-hand Rod Awarded for catching many fish. Feels familiar in your hands. One cast, one catch!  Catch one of every fish
22 Well-done Grillmeister Awarded for cooking a well-done steak 30 times. Good job, and well done!  Cook 30 Well-Done Steak
23 Copper Ecologist's Award Awarded for photographing many Hunting Helpers. Proof you've expanded your hunter horizons. Photograph every Hunting Helper. (Paratoad, Sleeptoad, Blastoad, Poisontoad, Mudbeetle, Thunderbeetle, Snowbeetle, Firebeetle, Stinkmink, Escuregot, Aurortle, Puppet Spider, Wailnard, Lanternbug, Trapbugs, Antidobra, Brewhare, Gustcrab)
24 Silver Ecologist's Award Awarded by one enthusiastic researcher for photographing many Rare Creature.  Photograph all 5 rare Endemic Life, one in each map (Snow-faced Fox, Monksnail, Quetzalcobra, Regitrice, Hellbill)
25 Gold Ecologist's Award  Awarded for photographing many Endemic Lifeforms. Now you're a Guild-recognized researcher!  Photograph all Endemic Life 
26 Extravagant Cashbox Awarded for earning 1,000,000 zenny. Heavy with impressively intricate goldwork.  Accumulate 1,000,000 Zenny
27 Well-worn Cashbox Awarded for accumulating 100,000 Kamura Points. Gleams with polish despite great use.  Accumulate 100,000 Kamura points
28 Thank-mew Letter Awarded for hiring 50 Buddies. We a-purr-eciate your fur-iendly patronage!  Hire 50 Buddies.
29 Good Luck Charm Proof of having sent the Meowcenairies out on a quest 100 times.  Send the Meowcenaries on 100 quests.
30 Palamute Gear Tune-up Kit Awarded for collecting all Palamute Gear. Daily maintenance is what will make it last!  Acquire all craftable Palamute Gear (through Villager requests)
31 Luxury Armor Stand Awarded for forging many valuable weapons and armor. Made from premium materials.  Forge at least 5 rarity 7 equipment
32 Master's Black Belt Awarded for obtaining many Switch Skills, a feat of both mental and bodily discipline.  Obtain every Switch Skill for every Weapon
33 Chef's Trusty Tools Awarded for helping Yomogi. You can almost hear the Tea Dealers' chanting when looking at it.  Unlock every type of Dango
34 Cohoot's Dresser Awarded to connoisseurs of Cohoot outfits. Perfect for storing your avian apparel.  Unlock all Cohoot outfits
35 Runner's Sandals Awarded for talking to many of Kamura's citizens. Feels like walking on a carpet of cloud.  Talk to everyone in Kamura Village, including animals.
36 Dreadnought Destroyer Plaque Hunt 1000 large monsters.  Hunt 1000 Large Monsters
37 Five-in-One Plaque Awarded for hunting 5 monsters in 1 Expedition Tour.  Hunt 5 Large Monsters in a single Expedition
38 Seasoned Jockey Plaque Awarded for riding many different monsters.  Wyvern Ride on all possible Large Monsters
39 Fan of Ascendancy The mark of a hunter who has attempted some of the toughest quests around--and won. Beat the advanced village quest unlocked after completing all other village quests.
40  Arena Fighter Certificate  A souvenier from the Guild for completing many Arena quests.   Completed all Arena quests.
41  From Palicoes, with Love  Awarded for raising various support-type Palicoes to their maximum levels.  Raise one of each support type palico to max level.
42  Colorful Armor Stand  Awarded for forging many layered armor. Its variegated hues are simply captivating.  Craft 5 layered armors.
43 Petalace Arrangement Vase Awarded for obtaining many Petalaces. It fills rooms with a delightful floral aroma. Collect all the petalaces.
44 Fan of Fading Crimson A decorative fan that depicts a heroic figure confronting the ominous crimson glow.  Defeat the crimson glow.
45 Fan of True Ascendancy Mark of a Hunter who has bested Infernal Springs' most arduous challenges.  Completed quest "Those Crowned Apex".
46 Adept Hunter Certificate A souvenir from the Guild for completing many high rank quests. Clear all High Rank Hub Quests.
47 Sturdy Padlock Awarded for collecting many decorations and hanging scrolls. Remember to lock up! Collect all decorations and hanging scrolls.
48 Mini Crown Plaque Awarded for registering many miniature crown-sized monsters. Hunt every miniature crown-sized monster.
49 Gold Crown Plaque Awarded for registering many gold crown-sized monsters. Hunt every gold crown-sized monster.
50 Badge of Excellence The mark of a peerless hunter, conferred only to those who have earned all other awards. Complete all other awards.


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    • Anonymous

      For ''Aspiring Hunter Certificate'' you DON'T need to do all village and hub low rank quests, I got this achievement from ONLY completing all of HUB low rank.

      • Anonymous

        No.23 & 25, I got all the photos and put them in the note, why I still can't get the achievements? I got 51 photos in total, am I missing something? Or is it a bug?

        • Anonymous

          No. 47: Collect all trinkets and hanging scrolls.

          No. 48: Collect all smallest gold crowns from Large Monster missions.

          No. 49: Collect all biggest gold crowns from Large Monster missions.

          No. 50: Win all rewards in Guild Card.

          • Anonymous

            Don't know the name in English, sorry, but:

            No. 45 is completing an advance quest with 3 Apex Monsters, unlocked after defeating Apex Zinogre for the first time at Rampage

            No. 46 is completing all the quests at village and meeting room including the ones added with 3.0 update

            • Anonymous

              Could you tell me how the sand mission 06 is unlocked since I already hunted the Bazelgeuse several times but its sand does not come out

              • Anonymous

                13 'Wreath of Honor' this is a bad translation, you must complete 100 optional subquest and not requests. Theses two are REALLY different.

                • Anonymous

                  No. 40 I got it from completing all arena quests including the new one from the update (not gonna spoil the monsters) that's a 7* quest

                  • Anonymous

                    No. 42 I obtained it by building some layered armour, I builded 5 'cause I liked a particular set but maybe 1 could be enough

                    • Anonymous

                      No. 43 - Petalace Arrangement Vase: Awarded for obtaining many Petalaces. It fills rooms with a delightful floral aroma.

                      Obtained this after completing the 2 hub requests the fugen gives after the patch.

                      Note: I had all other petalaces/petalace upgrades before patch.

                      • Heya, I unlocked a new achievement after the content update today:

                        No. 39 - "Fan of Ascendancy - The mark of a hunter who has attempted some of the toughest quests around- and won."

                        I got it for beating the new 6* quest: "Advanced: The Veteran's Gala".
                        Maybe you get it for completing all 6* Village Quests?
                        (I got 100% of Village Quests, so I'm not sure)

                        • Anonymous

                          "No. 36 - Senzu hunting decorative votive tablet - Hunt 1000 Large Monsters"
                          Do monsters killed on Rampage quests count too?

                          • Anonymous

                            I'm having problems with "Gold Ecologist's Award". I've done pictures to every Endemic Life in the book and checked the album several times, but still can not unlock it. Any ideas?

                            • Anonymous

                              maybe we should add a how to get part of the table like numbers wise, cuse some of the dont say like the dog riding one

                              • Anonymous

                                How do you exactly unlock no. 15?? What's that riding Canynes al about?? I've been done nothing but riding Canynes since started the game and still don't have it

                                • Anonymous

                                  why even bother making a wiki if you cant be assed to put info in it. why are all fextralife wikis like this

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