Challenge Quest 04

challenge quest 04 mh rise wiki guide
Category Challenge Quest
Objective Slay a Magnamalo
Location  Arena
Reward 720 zenny monster hunter rise wiki guide
ancient potion material mhr wiki guide Ancient Potion
lifepowder monster hunter rise wiki guide Lifepowder
well done steak monster hunter rise wiki guide Well-done Steak
steel egg monster hunter rise wiki guide Steel Egg
Time Limit 50 min

Challenge Quest 04 is a Challenge Quest in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Challenge Quests are Add-on content acquired from Senri the Mailman in Kamura Village. Challenge Quests are the downloadable variant of Arena Quests. Once downloaded, Challenge Quests can be accepted by speaking to Master Utsushi at the Gathering Hub.

Challenge Quests pit you against monsters using preset equipment. There are a total of five available loadouts per Challenge Quest — consisting of a weapon, armor set, items, and switch skills.

Challenge Quests, like Arena Quests, are time-based quests that give you a rank based on how fast you clear the target monster inside. The higher your rank, the more rewards you receive at the end of the quest.


Sup, Ace? Ready for a REAL challenge? Don't think I'm gonna go easy on ya just 'cuz you're my favorite. Nah, it's thrash or BE thrashed, if ya know what I mean. Let's see what you got!


Challenge Quest 04 Information

  • Conditions: HR 4 or Higher, Two Players Max
  • Failure Conditions: Reward hits 0, or time expires
  • Environment Info: Quest Target Only
  • Other Monsters: None
  • Locale Info: No outbreaks or upsurges


Weapon Set:

rare 1 mhr dualblades wikirare 1 mhr longsword wikirare 1 mhr hammer wikirare 1 mhr switchaxe wikirare 1 mhr light bowgun wiki


Rank Completion Times:

  • Rank S:   05' 00" 00
  • Rank A:  10' 00" 00
  • Rank B:   50' 00" 00


Challenge Quest 04 Notes

  • Notes and Tips go here



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