Buddies Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) is a cosmetic armor worn by Buddies. This is a special set or piece of equipment that changes the appearance of the buddies. Layered armor is only used as a cosmetic item and it does not apply any defensive properties or effects as a regular set or piece of Armor does. Layered Armor can be obtained in various ways such as DLC bonuses, rewards, and crafted in-game. This page covers a list of all the layered armor that is featured in Monster Hunter Rise.



Monster Hunter Rise Buddies Layered Armor


Master Rank Palico Layered Armor







Master Rank Palamute Layered Armor





Low and High Palico Layered Armor















nine tails
Nine Tails

f floral yukata
F Floral Yukata

bell collar
Bell Collar


spiked collar
Spiked Collar

heart collar
Heart Collar

bow collar
Bow Collar

canyne mask
Canyne Mask



Low and High Palamute Layered Armor 













long coat costume mhr wiki guide
Long Coat Costume

c floral yukata mhr wiki guide
C Floral Yukata

bone collar mhr wiki guide
Bone Collar


spiked collar mhr wiki guide
Spiked Collar

heart collar mhr wiki guide
Heart Collar

bow collar mhr wiki guide
Bow Collar

felyne mask mhr wiki guide
Felyne Mask



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