Absolute Petalace

absolute petalace mhr wiki guide
Rarity 7
Health Up 100
Health Gained 10
Stamina Up 70
Stamina Gained 10
Attack Up 15
Attack Gained 2
Defense Up 50
Defense Gained 5

Absolute Petalace is one of the Petalaces in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Petalace in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) is a new type of equipment. It is a bracelet that is made of a plant called the Sending Sprig. Just like a piece of armor or a weapon, you can equip Petalaces for various effects. Its main effect is to collect pollen from Spiribirds and retain its buffs until the end of a quest.

A bracelet that greatly increases certain stats. It gives off a clean scent.

Absolute Petalace Information

  • Petalace that boosts health and gives a balanced increase to all stats

How to get Absolute Petalace

This petalace can be unlocked by completing the quest A Blaze Among Beasts.

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