Effect Launches hunters into the air
Variations None
Type Other Status Effects
Cured by Perform an Aerial Attack
Perform an Aerial Dodge

Whirlwind is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Status Effects are various buffs, effects, and ailments that can be afflicted on both hunters and monsters. Both Hunters and Monsters can receive Effects from Skills, the environment, and attacks.



  1. Effects
  2. Cures/Prevention
  3. Mechanics
  4. Monsters
  5. Endemic Life



Whirlwind Effects

Effect on Hunters

Hunters that are caught in a Whirlwind will be knocked up into the air, momentarily suspending them and making them vulnerable to further attacks. While in the air, they have the option to either perform an aerial attack, use Wiredash, or perform an aerial dodge. 

Effect on Monsters

Whirlwind does not affect monsters.


Whirlwind Cures/Prevention

How to Cure Whirlwind

After being knocked up in the air, hunters can escape being suspended helplessly in the air using one of three ways. First, hunters can perform an Aerial Attack to escape being suspended and return to the ground more quickly. Hunters can also perform an Aerial Dodge, which allows them to escape being suspended by flipping midair towards a direction of their choice. Finally, hunters can perform a Wiredash to send them flying in a direction of their choice, similar to the Aerial Dodge.

How to Prevent Whirlwind

There is no guaranteed way to prevent Whirlwind.


Whirlwind Mechanics

 More information needed




Monsters that use Whirlwind



Endemic Life

Endemic Life that Cure/Prevent Whirlwind

Endemic Life Type Effects
-- -- --

Endemic Life that Inflict Whirlwind

Endemic Life Type Effects
Gustcrab Hunting Helper After being placed, it will generate strong gusts of wind capable of launching hunters high into the air.



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