Surge Slash Combo

surge slash combo greatsword switch skills monster hunter rise wiki guide
Skill Set 3
Switch Skill Weapon Great Sword

Surge Slash Combo is a Great Sword Switch Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Switch Skills are swappable moves in a Weapon's moveset that are only available with the Sunbreak Expansion. Switch Skills can be swapped at any Item Box and Switch Skill combinations can be saved to Item Loadouts. This Switch Skill can be swapped with Charged Slash Combo and is part of Skill Set 3.


Surge Slash Combo Switch Skill Information


Surge Slash Combo Switch Skill Description

An offensive style that combines speed with the weight of the weapon to unleash a stream of powerful slashes.

Proper footwork is required, but allows for a large number of combos.



Surge Slash Combo Switch Skill Controls

Switch Controls

Listed blow are the controls for Switch when using this skill:

  • x button switch mhr wiki guide Falling Slash ->
  • a button switch mhr wiki guide Vortex Slash ->
  • x button switch mhr wiki guide + a button switch mhr wiki guide Rising Slash
  • After executing the above 3-hit combo, hold left stick switch mhr wiki guide in any direction + x button switch mhr wiki guide, then release to perform a Strong Charged Slash


PC Controls

Listed blow are the controls for PC when using this skill:

  • m1 button pc controls monster hunter rise wiki guide Falling Slash ->
  • m2 button pc controls monster hunter rise wiki guide Vortex Slash ->
  • m1 button pc controls monster hunter rise wiki guide + m2 button pc controls monster hunter rise wiki guide Rising Slash
  • After executing the above 3-hit combo, hold W A S D + m1 button pc controls monster hunter rise wiki guide, then release to perform a Strong Charged Slash.


Surge Slash Combo Notes & Trivia

  • Compared to the standard Great Sword moveset, Surge Slash allows for more fluid attack combinations emphasizing speed over raw power.
  • This Switch Skill set is perfect for large monsters that tend to move quickly or erratically, which usually hinders the standard Great Sword's moveset from being as effective. Combining the two using the Switch Skill Swap Scrolls can lead to some devastating results and extreme versatility.
  • Initial Vortex Slash combos have super-armor frames similar to that of the Tackle Switch Skill, allowing players to tank through monster attacks and continue the combo. This also carries over to the first Charged Slash at the end of the combo if it is progressed, increasing the odds of it connecting.
  • However, much like Tackle, it will not grant the player immunity to being stunned if their stun counter hits the limit.
  • Due to the swift nature of Falling Slash, using a combination of Quick Sheathe and/or Critical Draw/Punishing Draw can make for fantastic hit-and-run tactics with fair damage, or higher stun potential, respectively.
  • Falling Slash > Rising Slash > Rising Slash allows for vicious weak point damage if aimed at monster weak spots or broken parts, as the final Rising Slash hits twice.



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