Spinning Bludgeon: Charge

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Skill Set 3
Switch Skill Weapon Hammer

Spinning Bludgeon: Charge is a Hammer Switch Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Switch Skills are swappable moves in a Weapon's moveset that are only available with the Sunbreak Expansion. Switch Skills can be swapped at any Item Box and Switch Skill combinations can be saved to Item Loadouts. This Switch Skill can be swapped with Spinning Bludgeon and is part of Skill Set 3.


Spinning Bludgeon: Charge Switch Skill Information


Spinning Bludgeon: Charge Switch Skill Description

A technique that stores released power and funnels it into the next Charge Switch attack.

Power is built up when performing a Spinning Bludgeon. The charge level is then maintained when executing a Charge Switch.

Make good use of this to unleash a series of level 3 charged attacks.



Spinning Bludgeon: Charge Switch Skill Controls

Switch Controls

Listed blow are the controls for Switch when using this skill:

  • Press left stick up switch mhr wiki guide + zr button switch mhr wiki guide (level 3 charge)
  • Spinning Bludgeon: Charge ->
  • Press and hold zr button switch mhr wiki guide to charge ->
  • Press a button switch mhr wiki guide to perform a Charge Switch.


PC Controls

Listed blow are the controls for PPC when using this skill:

  • Press W A S D + m5 button pc controls monster hunter rise wiki guide (level 3 charge)
  • Spinning Bludgeon: Charge ->
  • Press and hold m5 button pc controls monster hunter rise wiki guide to charge ->
  • Press m2 button pc controls monster hunter rise wiki guide to perform a Charge Switch.


Spinning Bludgeon: Charge Notes & Trivia

  • Spinning Bludgeon: Charge Switch Skill Notes, Tips, and other Trivia go here



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    • Anonymous

      I noticed the backstep when switching charge stances with this is affected by evade extender same as the regular switching from blue to yellow stance. I wander if it is affected by bubby dance and evade window?

      • Anonymous

        I don't understand how this move works. When using it, it does a three rotation spin attack. Based on the description, I'd assume you hold ZR and press A during the move, or after the third hit, to change your charge type. This is where I don't understand how it works, though. it says it "maintains the charge", but what does that mean? After hitting ZR and A to switch the charge, the charge attack is just a level 1 attack. It doesn't maintain anything. The three hit spin attack by itself is really bad compared to the alternative, so if switching right after doesn't lead to the other charge's level 3 hit, what's the point of the move? I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

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