Special License Test 3

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Category Special License
Type Endurance
Objective Hunt all target Monsters
Client Hinoa the Quest Maiden
Location Shrine Ruins
Reward 8010 zenny monster hunter rise wiki guide
Time Limit 50 min

Special License Test 3 is a Non Key Endurance Special License in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Key Quests are mandatory to complete the game, while none key quests can be completed to earn additional rewards. You'll get 5 key quests and 6 non key quests per rank, if you complete 4 key quests you will unlock the next rank.


Seeing how you're just blazing through those quests, you've earned the opportunity to take a special license test, yay! Passing the test lets you take on 4 Stars Gathering  Hub quests. Exciting, right? Good luck!


Special License Test 3 Information

  • Rank: Special License
  • Class: Non Key Quest
  • Conditions: None
  • Failure Conditions: Reward hits 0, or time expires.
  • Environment Info: Quest Target Only


 Quest walkthrough and information goes here.


Special License Test 3 Notes

Locale Info: No outbreak or upsurges

Other Monsters in this quest:


Special License in Monster Hunter Rise


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