Shining Rhino

king rhino account item gathering monster hunter rise wiki guide
Location Flooded Forest

Shining Rhino is an Account Item gathering node in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Account Items(also known as Special or Unique Items) comprise of rare finds unique to a locale. Collecting them rewards a large amount of Kamura Points, and many also serve as the objectives of gathering Quests and Requests. Each locale has several types of Account Item gathering node and each node type rewards a set of different items.


Items gathered from Shining Rhino in MH Rise

The following Special Items can be gathered from Shining Rhino nodes:

Item Kamura Points Availability Notes
Royal Rhino 42 kamurapoints monster hunter rise wiki guide Low Rank only A gem-like beetle that collectors pay dearly for.
King Rhino 94 kamurapoints monster hunter rise wiki guide Any Rank A regally shining beetle collectors would die for.
Request: Economic Stimulation
Divine Rhino 370 kamurapoints monster hunter rise wiki guide High Rank, Master Rank A sublime prize from the Altaroth collectors adore.
Request: The Radiant Rhino
Transcendent Rhino 650 kamurapoints monster hunter rise wiki guide Master Rank only A radiant beetle of legendary magnificence. A legend in the making.


Where to find Shining Rhino in MH Rise

 Shining Rhinos can be found in the Flooded Forest in the following areas:

  • Pyramid in Area 3. Scale the pyramid on the West side. At the very top, use a Barrel Bomb or similar explosive to blow the debris from the doorway. The Shining Rhino is on the wall on the right.
  • There is another Shining Rhino node on the east side of the pyramid in Area 3. This one is at ground level on a tree near the edge of the map.
  • Above the Sub-Camp in Area 11. Head out of the camp and scale the walls of the hill.
  • In a pyramid column south from Area 12
  • In the secret area in the north of Area 7. This area is reachable by scaling the wall right next to the Area 12 marker on the map. This leads to an open area overlooking the waterfalls. Make your way across waterfall by carefully using your Wirebug. There are ledges you can land on to rest and recharge your Wirebugs if necessary.

shining rhino flooded forest locations map monster hunter rise wiki guide



Shining Rhino Related Quests in MH Rise


MH Rise Shining Rhino Notes

  • All gathering nodes have a respawn timer of 4-5 minutes.
  • When farming for resources, the Raisin d'etre Dango can cut the respawn timer down to around 3 minutes for all gathering nodes. Note that this is a Daily Special Dango. The Daily Special changes after every quest and can only be ordered at the Tea Shop before embarking on a quest.
  • The Geologist skill at Level 2 will allow you to gather one extra time from Account Item nodes, making it incredibly valuable on gathering runs.


All Account Items in MH Rise
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