Shell-Studded Layered Armor

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Shell-Studded Layered Armor is a Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Shell-Studded Layered Armor can be crafted with unique materials after Patch 2.0 introduced them into the MHRise. Please be mindful that Layered Armor is purely cosmetic and provides no special bonuses.


How to Craft Shell-Studded Layered Armor

Shell-Studded Layered Armor can be crafted using the following materials


Shell-Studded Layered Armor Pieces

Shell-Studded Layered Armor is based on the Shell-Studded Set and comprised of the following pieces

  • S. Studded Hat
  • Shell-Studded Vest
  • Shell-Studded Gloves
  • S. Studded Sash
  • Shelled Sandals


Shell-Studded Layered Armor Notes

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