Recovery Boost

Skill Type Support Skill
Conditions Lv 35

Recovery Boost is a Buddy Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Buddy Skills are skills specifically for your Buddy (Palicoes and Palamutes) that can be equipped as long as the Buddy meets the required Conditions and enough Skill memory to take in a skill. Players can unlock memory skill points at the buddy expert and change skills at the Buddy Board.


Recovery Boost Information

  • Memory SP: yellow 1 memory buddy skill icon monster hunter wiki guideyellow 1 memory buddy skill icon monster hunter wiki guide
  • Effect: Increases recovery of Palamute Gear when a support move with recovery effects is used. 


Recovery Boost  Notes & Tips

  • Recovery Boost Buddy Skill Notes & Tips go here



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    • Anonymous

      As far as I can tell, this skill increases the effects of Heal Scroll/Heal Blade Scroll, period.

      Palamutes by default get use of it by at all times, while Palicoes only get use out of it with a Palamute also on the hunt (so single-player only). Not sure if the effect stacks on two Buddy teams

      • Anonymous

        This has such a jacked up description, and the wiki page clarifies nothing.
        So if you put this on a palamute, does it just increase the effects of healing scrolls? And what exactly happens if you put this on a palico? Does it require you to have both a palico and a palamute, and when the palico heals itself it causes the palamute’s next heal to be more effective? That would be extremely obtuse, but seems to be what the description is saying.

        • Anonymous

          sadly i can understand how this work on multiplayer or even solo hunts. If SOMEONE get the idea of how to use this skill, tell me plz.

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