Rage That Never Dies

rage that never dies follower collab quests monster hunter rise wiki guide
Category Follower Quest
Level M⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Type Hunting
Objective Hunt a Furious Rajang
Client Admiral Galleus
Location Lava Caverns
Reward 19,800 zenny monster hunter rise wiki guide
Time Limit 50 min

Rage That Never Dies is a Follower Collab Quest in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Follower Collab Quests are a type of single-player-only Quest where the player can recruit the various NPCs they've encountered on their journey to join them on hunts. These followers each have their own personalities and quirks and will aid the hunter in various ways, allowing for a completely new hunting experience. There are two categories of Follower Collab Quests: Follower Quests which are specific to each Follower, and Support Surveys in which hunters may pick from Followers they have formed a close bond with and assign them a set of weapons from a limited selection.


A Rajang variant has been sighted in the Lava Caverns. We cannot let such a violent beast go unchecked. I don't have to remind you of the severity of this situation. Your orders are clear. Get it done.


MH Rise Rage That Never Dies Quest Information

  • Rank: Master Rank
  • Follower(s): Admiral Galleus
  • Conditions: MR 10 or higher, Single Player Only
  • Failure Conditions: Reward hits 0, or time expires
  • Environment Info: Quest Target Only
  • Locale Info: No outbreaks or upsurges

Other Monsters in this quest:


How to unlock Rage That Never Dies in MH Rise

Rage That Never Dies can be unlocked as follows:

  1. Clear the MR 50 Urgent Quest
  2. Complete all of Admiral Galleus' previous Follower Quests
  3. Speak to Admiral Galleus


Rage That Never Dies Completion Rewards

Completing Rage That Never Dies  will award the following:


Rage That Never Dies Quest Notes & Trivia

  • Notes & Trivia for the Rage That Never Dies quest go here



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    • Anonymous

      "Rage That Never Dies" can be unlocked as follows:

      - Complete all of Admiral Galleus & Elder Fugen Follower Quest
      - Reach MR 50 and get the Urgent Quest
      - Kill / Capture Furious Rajang (Urgent Quest) to get the Follower Quest "Rage that never Dies" from Admiral Galleus

      • Anonymous

        "Rage That Never Dies can be unlocked as follows:

        Complete all of Admiral Galleus' previous Follower Quests
        Speak to Admiral Galleus"

        This appears to be incorrect. I just completed the team-up quest between Elder Fugen and Admiral Galleus and this quest did not unlock.

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