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Location Flooded Forest
Time Day
Endemic Life Type Rare

Quetzalcobra is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). It is one of the 5 region specific Rare Endemic Life.


A rare snake that inhabits the Flooded Forest. It can fan out its neck, appearing like the wings of a bird, in a display used to threaten predators or attract mates. It secretes a fluid from its moth that has healing properties. It used to be worshiped by humans, but this practice has disappeared over time, and now it just lives its enigmatic life free of all the fuss.


Quetzalcobra Location

You can find Quetzalcobra in:

  • Flooded Forest, southeast of areas 2 and 3 – inside the pyramid’s east room, accessible through an entrance on the side of it.


Quetzalcobra Information

One of the 5 rare Endemic Life creatures. Has no effect. Cannot be picked up. If attacked, it leaves through the hole it arrived in.

 If the player uses a gesture while standing in front of the pedestal the Quetzalcobra will react as follows:


The Quetzalcobra shakes
and hisses.


The Quetzalcobra
jabs forward.

Nod The Quetzalcobra nods. Refuse

The Quetzalcobra shakes
its head.

Wave The Quetzalcobra shakes
and hisses.
Applaud The Quetzalcobra will
spin in circles until the
emote is cancelled.
Stop! Stop stop stop! The Quetzalcobra bows.  Show Off 1 The Quetzalcobra shakes
and hisses.
Show Off 2

The Quetzalcobra turns
around and flexes.

Call The Quetzalcobra spits out
a healing bubble.
Remorse The Quetzalcobra bows
and jabs in that order.
Joy 1 The Quetzalcobra will
spin in circles until the
emote is cancelled.
Joy 2 The Quetzalcobra will
spin in circles until the
emote is cancelled.
Taunt The Quetzalcobra 
jabs forward.
Good Work! The Quetzalcobra spins
around once.
Apologize The Quetzalcobra bows
Woohoo! The Quetzalcobra spins
around once.
Shadow Box The Quetzalcobra dances.
Crossed Arms The Quetzalcobra goes
back into the crack and
slithers back out shortly
Jump 1-4 No reaction

Quetzalcobra Notes

  • Spawns within the Large Pyramid of the Flooded Forest. There is a room on the back side of the Pyramid that you can access via wirebugs and wallrunning. Inside the room, there is a crack in the floor on the pedestal that the Quetzalcobra can slither up out of. 
  • Much like the other 5 rare Endemic Life creatures, it may take some time to show up within it's spawning spot.
  • Reacts to gestures from the chat menu.



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