Effect Greatly reduces movement speed, increases stamina
consumption, and prevents stamina regeneration
Variations None
Type Other Status Effects
Cured by Wiredash out of affected area

Muck is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Status Effects are various buffs, effects, and ailments that can be afflicted on both hunters and monsters. Both Hunters and Monsters can receive Effects from Skills, the environment, and attacks.



  1. Effects
  2. Cures/Prevention
  3. Mechanics
  4. Monsters
  5. Skills
    1. Armor Skills
  6. Equipment
    1. Armor
    2. Decorations



Muck Effects

Effect on Hunters

Hunters that become affected by the Muck status effect will find their movement speed severely reduced. Not only that, but hunters that are affected by Muck will have greatly increased stamina consumption and will not be able to regenerate their stamina. 

Effect on Monsters

Muck does not affect Monsters.


Muck Cures/Prevention

How to Cure Muck

Hunters that are caught in an area affected by Muck can use Wiredash to escape the affected area. 

How to Prevent Muck

The reduction in movement speed caused by Muck can be prevented by having Lv. 2 of the Muck Resistance armor skill.


Muck Mechanics

 More information needed




Monsters that Inflict Muck





Armor Skills

Armor Skill Skill Description Level Effects
Muck Resistance Reduces impairments to mobility while stuck in monster muck or deep snow. Lv. 1 Reduces limits on movement speed.
Lv. 2 Negates limits to movement speed.





Armor with Skills Related to Muck

Low Rank Armor

Armor Skill Armor Piece Skill Level
Muck Resistance Bone Greaves Lv. 1

High Rank Armor

Armor Skill Armor Piece Skill Level
Muck Resistance Bone Vambraces S Lv. 1
Bone Greaves S Lv. 1


Decorations with Skills Related to Muck

Decoration Skill
Muck Jewel 1 Muck Resistance



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