Ibushi Soul

Enhances weapon functionality with each piece of Narwa armor you equip.

Ibushi Soul is a Ramp-Up Skill or Rampage Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise).
Rampage Skills are enhancements that can change the way a weapon build performs by boosting offensive power, survivability, or utility.


Ibushi Soul Effect

Ibushi Soul increases the hunter's defense for each piece of armor they are wearing from the Narwa Set.


Ibushi Soul Cost

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Ibushi Soul Mechanics

Ibushi Soul grants the hunter bonus defense based on how many pieces of armor from the  Narwa Set the hunter has equipped.

The list below shows how much defense the hunter gains for each piece of armor from the Narwa Set they are wearing:

1 Armor Piece: +10 Defense

2 Armor Pieces: +15 Defense

3 Armor Pieces: +20 Defense

4 Armor Pieces: +25 Defense

5 Armor Pieces: +30 Defense


Weapons with Ibushi Soul

Ibushi Soul can be put on the following Weapons:









Rampage Decorations with Ibushi Soul

Ibushi Soul can be used in the following Rampage Decorations:


Notes & Trivia

  • The description for this Rampage Skill was mistranslated in the English version of the game, hence the vague and unhelpful description. 


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II  ♦  Sleep Boost III  ♦  Sleep Coating Boost  ♦  Sleep Effect I  ♦  Sleep Effect II  ♦  Sleep I  ♦  Sleep II  ♦  Sleep III  ♦  Small Monster Exploit  ♦  Special: Wyvernheart  ♦  Special: Wyvernsnipe  ♦  Spiribird Doubled  ♦  Spread Effect I  ♦  Spread Effect I (Rampage Weapon)  ♦  Spread Effect II  ♦  Spread Effect II (Rampage Weapon)  ♦  Steadiness Boost  ♦  Steadiness Surge  ♦  Sticky Cluster Effect I  ♦  Sticky Cluster Effect II  ♦  Sticky Effect I  ♦  Sticky Effect II  ♦  Teostra Soul  ♦  Thunder Boost I  ♦  Thunder Boost II  ♦  Thunder Boost III  ♦  Thunder Effect I  ♦  Thunder Effect II  ♦  Thunder I  ♦  Thunder II  ♦  Thunder III  ♦  Thunder IV  ♦  Thunderblight Exploit  ♦  Use Blast Coating  ♦  Use Exhaust Coating  ♦  Use Para Coating I  ♦  Use Para Coating II  ♦  Use Poison Coating I  ♦  Use Poison Coating II  ♦  Use Power Coating  ♦  Use Sleep Coating I  ♦  Use Sleep Coating II  ♦  Valstrax Soul  ♦  Water Boost I  ♦  Water Boost II  ♦  Water Boost III  ♦  Water Boost IV  ♦  Water Effect I  ♦  Water Effect II  ♦  Water I  ♦  Water II  ♦  Water III  ♦  Water IV  ♦  Waterblight Exploit  ♦  Wyrmstake Boost


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    • Fixed the oversight on infobox that wasn't updated when the mistranslation became clear. For future reference: ANYONE can edit the wiki and correct stuff like this, and it will take you just as much time as typing a comment. So feel free to hit edit on the top right and fix any issues you come across. :)

      • Anonymous

        This page needs to be updated. Why does it say "Increases elemental attack power with each piece of armor in the same set equipped. (Ibushi Set)" in the box on the upper right corner. Shouldn't that description be increase defense? Date:April 23 2021

        • Anonymous

          Its does actualy nothing in combination with the Ibushi Set!
          My Hunting Horn gets no +15 Attack... instead... if worn with the Narwa Set, Ibushi Soul grants extra Defense to my Hunting Horn!!! (upt to 30 points for the full Ibushi Set)

          So long and thanks for all the Fish.

          Stefan Fritsch

          • Anonymous

            Having a weapon with Ibushi soul myself, it does not seem to function at the moment. Both in training grounds and on the status page the weapon shows no increase in any stats when wearing a few pieces of armor or a whole set. I've tested this with Rhenoplos armor (a generic type), Ibushi, and Narwa armor. Because it doesn't seem to work currently (at least in my experience) you are better off getting Dragon Attack 3 since it will at least provide some type of effect.

            • Anonymous

              is it worth it to use ibushi soul , if you only have 3 parts of the same armor set? or should i get dragon boost 3 instead*

              • Anonymous

                is it worth it to use ibushi soul , if you only have 3 parts of the same armor said? or should i get dragon boost 3 instead?

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