Got something to say and words just won't cut it? Unlock a plethora of new gestures in Monster Hunter: Rise (MHR) that you can use mid-hunt to properly convey your feelings!


Gestures in Monster Hunter Rise


Play Possum Gesture

Fool monsters (or your friends) by literally playing dead in game! You can get this gesture from Fooled in the Flooded Forest event quest.


Blowing a Kiss Gesture

Now you can blow a kiss to your favorite character in the game, whether it be Hinoa, Minoto, or Utsushi! You can get this gesture from the I Can't Do What Somnacan event quest.


Ninjutsu Gesture

The Ninjutsu Gesture shows the hunter going all-in with the Japanese theme for a full-on ninja pose! This particular gesture is available from the Out of Sight, Out of Mind's Eye event quest.


Mew Mew Gesture

Perform an idol's signature move and make cute cat poses in game! You can get this gesture from the Rampage: Enchanting Parade event quest.




Cheering Gesture

Cheer your friends on in game by clapping and cheering to show your support! You can get this gesture from the Scorching Showdown event quest.








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