Felyne Anja Bonehammer

 Rarity 3
Attack Type Blunt Damage
defense_icon_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide_24px 0
Melee Ability
attack_icon_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide_24px 115
affinity_icon_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide_24px -30%
element_damage_icon_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide_24px fire_icon_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide_25pxFire 5
Ranged Ability
attack_icon_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide_24px 95
affinity_icon_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide_24px -30%
element_damage_icon_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide_24px fire_icon_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide_25pxFire 5

Felyne Anja Bonehammer in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) is a Palico Weapon. Felyne Anja Bonehammer is part of the Felyne Anjanath Set Palico Set. Palico weapons are mainly used to support the hunter and to deal damage against encountered Monsters. Palico Equipment is similar to a palico's equipment in terms of providing defensive properties, elemental resistances, and it is also made from various Materials and is derived from specified Monsters.


Made by lashing together huge bones. This hammer hits hand and heavy.


How to Craft Felyne Anja Bonehammer

Felyne Anja Bonehammer can be crafted with the following materials:


Felyne Anja Bonehammer Notes


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