Event Quests List for Monster Hunter Rise provides a current list of all Event Quests that have been released thus far for Monster Hunter Rise. See the Event Quests page for the release schedule and a compiled list of Event Quest rewards as well as more information on Stickers and Poses or click on the individual event quest pages to gain more information about each quest. 


Monster Hunter Rise All Event Quests

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Level Quest Title Special Rewards zenny monster hunter rise wiki guide mhr
1★ Bird Wyverns of Ruin? Players obtain Disguise Device used to craft Tsukino Layered Armor 4680
2★ Gotta Hoard Fast! Players obtain Buddy Ring used to craft:
Sonic Costume Palico Layered Armor
Canyne Tails Palamute Layered Armor
Tails, Sonic and Knuckles Figurines
2★ Rising Sun!? Players obtain Celestial Scroll used to craft Ammy Costume Palamute Layered Armor 16200
3★ Heart of a Warrior New Titles 12600
7★ USJ - Shrine Showdown! Players obtain Azure Era Gem and unlock:
Azure Age Set
Azure Star Blade I

Azure Era Wyrmbow I
7★ USJ - Arzuros Onslaught! F Azure Era Set
F Azure Era Fan
C Azure Era Set
C Azure Era Wyrmblade
7★ Apex Diablos Emergency No Special Reward 27000
5★ Wrestling with Pain Sitting Pose Set 7200
5★ Dastardly Vile Aknosom Trio Winter Set Stickers 11160
7★ Advanced: Born of Paradise No Special Reward 32040
7★  Apex Rathalos Emergency No Special Reward 26280
7★  Frost Bites Players obtain Winter Star Ticket used to craft Orion Layered Armor 17280
7★  Blazin' Soul of a Warrior No Special Reward 23040
6★  Nothing to Sneeze At! Hot & Cold Pose Set 11520
7★  Apex Mizutsune Emergency No Special Reward 25200
7★  Heart of an Apex New Titles 30240
7★  Rajang's Holiday Special Party Sticker Set 16200
7★  Super Shady Lookalike Players obtain Hunter Ring used to craft Sonic Wear Layered Armor 13680
6★ Troubled Waters Players obtain Diving Ticket used to craft Diver Layered Armor 15120
7★  Apex Rathian Emergency No Special Reward 24120
7★  Kunai Ask You a Favor Kunai Pose Set 17640
7★  Rampage: Kamura Night Hunt No Special Reward 18240
5★ Soaring Desire Wirebug Pose Set 12600
7★  Apex Arzuros Emergency No Special Reward 22680
6★ Knight in Shattered Armor Players obtain Broken Knight Armor used to craft Arthur Layered Armor 22680
7★  Clouds of Narwa Rumble Again No Special Reward 22680
7★  Gales of Ibushi Blow Again No Special Reward 22680
7★  Diablos Deception No Special Reward 29520
7★  Trouble in Paradise No Special Reward 23680
7★  The Blue Bomber's Best Bud Rush Layered Armor Material 10800
7★  Boomy Dango Dango Set Stickers 18360
7★  Scorching Showdown Cheering Gesture 22680
7★  White Desert Blossom Endemic Life Set Stickers 16200
7★  SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam Akuma Layered Armor Material 18000
7★  Tempest in the Desert No Special Reward 23680
7★  Heart of Rivalry New Titles 27360
7★  Rampage: Enchanting Parade Mew Mew Gesture 18240
7★  An Icy Blade So Bright Players obtain Shady Crystal used to craft Shadow Shades 21600
7★  Heart of a Hero New Titles 11880
7★ Rampage: Muddi Gras Festival Set Stickers 22680
7★ Fooled in the Flooded Forest Play Possum Gesture 22680
7★ Almudron: Fashion Victim Players obtain Wild Dark Leather used to craft Black Leather Legs 14040
7★ Heart of a Ninja New Titles 18000
4★ Dancing Parasol, Snowy Breeze Cohoot Set Stickers 5760
7★  I Can't Do What Somnacan Blowing a Kiss Gesture 10080
7★ Haste Makes Waste Players obtain Wisdom Crystal used to craft Cunning Specs 17280
7★ Beast of the Shadows Ninja Set Stickers 12240
6★ Out of Sight, Out of Mind's Eye Ninjutsu Gesture 2040


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