Endemic Life: Rock Lizard

Category Requests
Objective Take a picture of a Rock Lizard
Client Senior Hunter Hanenaga
Reward Great Wirebugs

Endemic Life: Rock Lizard is a Request in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Requests are various assignments granted by the different NPCs that you meet throught the game. Players can complete Requests to earn unique rewards.


Take a picture of a Rock Lizard. Man, I can't wait to see it!


Endemic Life: Rock Lizard Information


  • Rock Lizards spawn in all standard Locales but the easiest ones to find are in the Shrine Ruins:
    • Sector 1 - Climb up the large rock directly northwest of the area marker on the map. It should be the one with a large unlit lamp on the left. A Rock Lizard spawns on top of this rock.
    • Sector 7 - Directly north, look behind the first gate. The Rock Lizard spawns on the ground here.
    • Sector 9 - From Sub-Camp 1, drop down to the eastern hills. Look for a small shrine. The Rock Lizard spawns around this area.
    • Sector 12 - Directly south of the area marker, look for a small shrine atop the cliffs. Climb up here and look around the cliffs for the Rock Lizard.
  • Note that Rock Lizards may not spawn in all the listed locations at once. If you can't find one, look in the next spot.


Endemic Life: Rock Lizard Notes

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