Location Kamura Village
Endemic Life Type Pet

Cohoot is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). These animals and insects are found out in the field and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research and learn about these habitats, and it can also be used just like items that can help a hunter during a hunting quest.


Cohoots are popular pets in Kamura, beloved for their affectionate and clever nature.

Apart from providing some much-needed comfort to hunters, they also help out on quests by showing the positions of monsters. 

In-between quests, you can dress them up in fancy outfits, so make sure to give them the daily attention they deserve.

Cohoot Information

Shortly after beginning the game, you will receive your own Cohoot from Hinoa the Quest Maiden, courtesy of the Village Elder. Cohoots serve as Pets and can even provide help during quests. Your Cohoot will primarily be available for interacting with in Kamura Village. You can call your Cohoot from using your action bar to have it perch on your arm.

Once perched, you can open the Pet Menu, allowing you to change your Cohoot's clothes, change its color, edit its name or feed it. Additionally, a symbol can pop-up whilst your Cohoot is perched on your arm. You can press the corresponding button and the Cohoot will take flight and discover items around the village for you.


Cohoot Clothing

Your Cohoot can be dressed in a variety of clothing. Cohoot Clothing can be acquired in different ways including through DLC and completing Requests. The following is a list of Cohoot Clothing and how to acquire them:

Kamura Gorget

Kamura Gorget

How to Acquire: Default outfit

Rugged Fullsuit

Rugged Fullsuit

How to Acquire: Defeat Magnalmo, obtained from Smithy apprentice

Garb of Glad Tidings

Garb of Glad Tidings

How to Acquire: Complete First Rampage, Obtained from Komitsu 


The Stealth Woof

The Stealth Woof

How to Acquire: Complete the Request Flying Billboards

Wind-up Cohoot


How to Acquire: Paid DLC

Fluffy Hood


How to Acquire: Paid DLC


Ace Pilot


How to Acquire: Paid DLC

Menacing Macaw


How to Acquire: Paid DLC

Out on the Hunt


How to Acquire: Paid DLC


Li'l Wingdrake


How to Acquire: Paid DLC

Summery Sailor


How to Acquire: Paid DLC

Puffy Penguin


How to Acquire: Paid DLC



Cohoot Notes

  • Hunters can dress up the Cohoot.
  • The Cohoot is a new pet that is featured in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise).
  • They can provide tactical support to scout and ping the location of Monsters.



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    • Anonymous

      I keep trying to figure out htf to use this, it is shows up in town but not in hunts, not that I've tried everywhere.

      there's an awesome Easter egg where Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden is chilling on a roof by the socks and you can send the bird to duck with him

      • Anonymous

        I'm pretty sure it has some mechanics like the pig in other games, you can send him once to see the other owl in the village but i have not found any other spots. After a few quests you can visit his nest and claim everything he found in the buddy plaza (use the vines behind the shrine tree and climb to the top)... no clue if it affects the items if you pet or feed him.

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