Coating Switch Boost

Grants special effects to phials when executing morph attacks. 

Coating Switch Boost is a Ramp-Up Skill or Rampage Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Rampage Skills are enhancements that can change the way a weapon build performs by boosting offensive power, survivability, or utility.


Coating Switch Boost Effect

Coating Switch Boost grants special effects to phials when executing morph attacks. 


Coating Switch Boost Cost

bird_wyvern_gem-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guide Materials zenny_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide Zenny
??? ???


Coating Switch Boost Mechanics

Morphing Attacks replenish the phial gauge.


Weapons with Coating Switch Boost

Coating Switch Boost can be put on the following Weapons:




Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Coating Switch Boost [Monster Hunter Rise Wiki]12 Apr 2021 23:43  

      I'm using SA: Petal Cloud with the skill and SA: Conquered without the skill

      What it also dose is gives you more SA ammo, on a SA there are 2 thing you need to keep and eye on.

      1) the ammo gauge.
      2) the sword charge.

      The ammo gauge depletes when you use the sword and when you morph back to axe you reload a bit back.
      if you go a bit to Ham on sword mode you will have to perform a long reload animation this happens when the ammo gauge is purple.

      Now from what I've tested when you attack in sword mode it takes 10% from your ammo gauge then when you morph back to axe you get about the 10% back but with that skill you get 20% to 30% hits back when you morph to axe so your sword uptime is so much better because you can just keep going in sword mode then morph to axe once the go back to sword.
      From further testing using the UI of the game of the game just befor you hit the white line theres a gray line above the ammo gauge.

      you get 5 attacks from the start of that line goin from right to left with this skill you get 4 hits back from one morph.

      TLDR alongside a phial DMG boost you get a ammo boost aswell if you attack 4 times in sword mod then morph to axe once you get the ammo you use back

      • 09 Apr 2021 13:15  

        I found out something about this:
        I used two power phial SA to test this, one without the skill and one with, being the Reombra SA called "Mortal Serpent".
        I compared the two moves "Sword: Overhead Slash" and "Axe: Morph Slash" being very similar attacks, one morphing from axe and one not, and they prove to have the same (it appears) motion value (across all phial types).
        The first SA, without the skill, had Sword: Overhead Slash do 89 damage on the Toadversary head, and had Axe: Morph Slash do 89 damage as well. This is without any Rapid morph skill, btw.
        Using the Reombra SA with Coating Switch Boost, Sword: Overhead Slash did 77 damage on the same target and Axe: Morph Slash did 85 damage. This is roughly a 10% damage boost, and this is the difference the Rampage skill, Coating Switch Boost, appears to make.
        It synergizes with Rapid Morph LV 3 by boosting the Reombra SA's Axe: Morph Slash from 85 to 101 damage. Rapid morph added 20% more damage to it, so roughly 17 damage. Therefore, it increased a power phial switch axe's Axe: Morph Slash from 77 to 101 with both of these skills, being about, if not a bit more than, 30% more damage.

        Conclusion/TLDR: Coating Switch Boost on Power Phial boosts Morph attacks by 10%

        • Anonymous

          02 Apr 2021 19:54  

          I have this on my switch axe and I still can't tell what it does. Someone needs to do a guide for this now lol

          • Anonymous

            01 Apr 2021 20:52  

            What does it actually do though? What Special effects does it grant? Nothing about its description or stats tell me this is worth using...

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