Charge Blade Weapon Tree for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) features the different upgrade paths for the Charge Blade weapon. In Monster Hunter Rise, there are 14 categories of weapons that players can choose from to use for hunting Monsters. The Charge Blade is a weapon that is both sword and axe. Charge it up in sword mode, then combine sword and shield into an axe and unleash the energy as a devastating attack. This page lists all of the Charge Blades in Monster Hunter Rise, showing their effectiveness and upgrade paths.


Charge Blade Weapon Traits

  • Sword & shield form strikes a balance between mobility, defense, and attack.
  • Axe form trades out defense for powerful attacks, good reach, and the phial's bonus.
  • A complex weapon with a sword & shield form and an axe form that both use a phial system.
  • Sword mode boasts mobility and high guard capabilities, while axe mode boasts more powerful attacks. Store up energy while in sword mode, and then use it to deal high damage in axe mode.

Master Rank Charge Blade Weapons

Introduced with the release of the Sunbreak ExpansionMaster Rank Weapons are a brand new and more powerful tier of Weaapons available to hunters to help them deal with the deadlier Monsters that can be found on the Sunbreak Expansion

Note that these Weapons can only be accessed by players that have purchased and installed the Sunbreak Expansion. For those who own the expansionless version of Monster Hunter, these Weapons are unobtainable.

  • You can check out the Charge Blade Weapon Tree to find the different upgrade paths for each Master Rank Charge Blade weapon.


Charge Blade Weapon Features

Weapon Advantages

  • Switching to the axe allows for strong and deadly attacks.
  • The Silkbind Guard move is a great way to quickly max up your Phials.
  • A versatile weapon where you can use the shield, sword, and switch to the axe.
  • The new Silkbind Attack is a great use to glide around the battlefield and to quickly morph into axe mode.

Weapon Disadvantages

  • Movement speed of the hunter is quite slow.
  • Axe mode significantly slows the hunter's movement.


Important: For a comprehensive guide on how to use Charge Blades, please click the following link: Charge Blade


MH Rise Charge Blade Weapon Tree

Charge Blade Kamura Tree


Charge Blade Ore Tree


Charge Blade Bone Tree


Charge Blade Independent Tree


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