Canyne Izuchi Mail S

c lzuchi mail monster hunter rise wiki guide
Rarity 4
defense icon monster hunter rise wiki guide 24px Defense 65
fireblight icon mhr wiki guide Fire Res. 2
waterblight icon mhr wiki guide Water Res. -1
thunderblight icon mhr wiki guide Thunder Res. -2
iceblightg icon mhr wiki guide Ice Res. 0
dragonblight icon mhr wiki guide Dragon Res. 0

Canyne Izuchi Mail S in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) is a Palamute Chest Gear. Canyne Izuchi Mail S is part of the Canyne Izuchi S Set Palamute Set. Palamute chestgear consists of saddles, mails, and other chestgear that protects the body of the Palamute. Palamute Equipment is similar to a palico's equipment in terms of providing defensive properties, elemental resistances, and it is also made from various Materials and is derived from specified Monsters.


Izuchitorso armor. Carries the wearer through fields like a gust of wind.


How to Craft Canyne Izuchi Mail S

Canyne Izuchi Mail S can be crafted with the following materials:


Canyne Izuchi Mail S Notes


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