Bunny Dango - with Eggs!

Category Requests
Objective Deliver 1 Rhenoplos Egg
Client Yomogi the Chef
Reward Dizzybloom Dango Added

Bunny Dango - with Eggs! is a Request in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Requests are various assignments granted by the different NPCs that you meet throught the game. Players can complete Requests to earn unique rewards.


I need more eggos to make my new Bunny Dango. Help me gather them, pretty please?


Bunny Dango - with Eggs! Information

  • Tips: You can find a Rhenoplos Egg and carry it back to Camp 1 in the Sandy Plains "Rhenopolos Den" in sector 11
  • This can only be done at Low Rank. At High Rank the nest spawns a "Herbivore Egg+" which does not get you credit for the quest.
  • IMPORTANT: The Rhenoplos Egg will show up as "Herbivore Egg" when you pick it up at Low Rank. But the quest thinks they are the same and calls for a Rhenoplos Egg so take your herbivore egg back to camp


Bunny Dango - with Eggs! Notes

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    • Anonymous

      is it just me, or are these quests the worst? why do i have to lug a stupid egg from zone 11 all the way back to the base camp, like i cant even go to one of the other camps that are closer because they dont have the box to turn them in, come on guys, thankfully its not a required quest

      • Anonymous

        Is there anything in particular which triggers this request? I have finished the game. I have done Thick, gooey dango, A dango a day and Only the good eggs requests. In Hub HR I have done Dango Duty and Totally Not Cool, Kulu!. I think these are all the dango related things I've done. The problem is my friend was starting the quests that follow these but it's telling me it won't count for me because it's not unlocked... please help! Is this a bug? Do I need to do something in village quests first?

        • Anonymous

          This needs to be done in a Low Rank expedition or quest. Delivering the Herbivore Egg in HR results in a Rhenoplos Egg+, which doesn't complete this side quest.

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