Brutal Strike

Has a chance to increase damage with a negative affinity attack.

Brutal Strike is a Ramp-Up Skill or Rampage Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Rampage Skills are enhancements that can change the way a weapon build performs by boosting offensive power, survivability, or utility.


Brutal Strike Effect

Brutal Strike gives the equipped weapon a chance of dealing increased damage when landing a negative affinity attack also known as a "weaker hit".  


Brutal Strike Cost

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Brutal Strike Mechanics

Brutal Strike has a 25% chance (early estimate) to double the damage of a weaker hit, applying a 1.5x multiplier to the attack instead of the usual 0.75x multiplier.


Weapons with Brutal Strike

Brutal Strike can be put on the following Weapons:









Rampage Decorations with Brutal Strike

Brutal Strike can be used in the following Rampage Decorations:



Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      If I'm understanding this right, this looks like it only alleviates negative affinity, not turn it into a benefit. If it has a 25% chance to double negative affinity damage, then 75% of the time you still do negative affinity damage.

      With 25% affinity damage you either do 0.75x dmg 75% of the time or 1.5x dmg 25% of the time for an average 0.75*0.75+1.5*0.25 = 0.9375x dmg per affinity hit. Critical boost doesn't even change anything, so you don't get something like 0.9x and 1.8x or 0.6x and 1.2x at lvl 3 crit boost.

      You're honestly better off just slapping on some affinity to negate the negative than trying to turn this into a build.

      The only time you would choose this is if you can't increase affinity but still want the higher base which probably brings it to around 9% better than the selection of lower base 0% affinity weapons. It also becomes useless when someone's Fight palico gives you 30% affinity. Overall, very niche.

      • Anonymous

        OK, I've been crunching some numbers with this. It should be noted that this skill is really only worth using at -20 affinity. If your affinity is higher than that, just use the +damage rampage skills

        Assuming the 25% chance on a neg crit to do 150% base damage:
        At -20% affinity this give a 3.94% raw damage increase
        At 200+ base raw with -20 aff, it beats out rampage attack 3
        At 240+ base raw with -20 aff AND attack boost lvl 4 (armor skills), it beats rampage attack 4

        However, it is still probably not the best damage option since I'm pretty sure using WEX and either +aff or +damage will completely beat it out as long as you are attacking a weak point.

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