Bow Weapon Tree for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) features the different upgrade paths for the Bow weapon. In Monster Hunter Rise, there are 14 categories of weapons that players can choose from to use for hunting Monsters. The Bow is a weapon built for ranged attacks. Affords high mobility. It also fires Arc Shots to cover for allies or Power Shots that hit hard. Coatings can be applied to inflict status effects. This page lists all of the Bows in Monster Hunter Rise, showing their effectiveness and upgrade paths.

Bow Weapon Traits

  • Coatings give useful buffs.
  • Unlimited arrows to hail upon the monsters from afar.
  • Special arrows are capable of hitting one monster several times with one shot.
  • The bow is a mid-range weapon that can perform a variety of attacks. Its charged shots can deal significant damage when aimed at a monster's weak points.
  • A weapon built for ranged attacks. Affords high mobility. Fires Arc Shots to cover for allies or Power Shots that hit hard. Coatings can be applied to inflict status effects.

Master Rank Bow Weapons

Introduced with the release of the Sunbreak ExpansionMaster Rank Weapons are a brand new and more powerful tier of Weaapons available to hunters to help them deal with the deadlier Monsters that can be found on the Sunbreak Expansion

Note that these Weapons can only be accessed by players that have purchased and installed the Sunbreak Expansion. For those who own the expansionless version of Monster Hunter, these Weapons are unobtainable.

  • You can check out the Bow Weapon Tree to find the different upgrade paths for each Master Rank Bow weapon.


Bow Weapon Features

Weapon Advantages

  • Great DPS
  • Great Mobility
  • Ammo management doesn't exist
  • Great Elemental Damage

Weapon Disadvantages

  • Requires a lot of dedication for decent damage, meaning that early game bow is not very good.
  • Stamina Hungry Weapon means your Dash Juice supply will run low fast. 


Important: For a comprehensive guide on how to use Bows, please click the following link: Bow


MH Rise Bow Weapon Tree

Bow Defender Tree


Bow Kamura Tree


Bow Ore Tree



Bow Bone Tree


Bow Independent Tree


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      What is the bow tree between the Skalda tree and the Rampage tree. Thought I've done just about everything in the game already so I was surprised to still have a "??? Tree" still around. Haven't come across any info on it either. It is water element btw.

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