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Enemy Type Endemic Life
Type Hunting Helper
Location(s) Flooded Forest
Lava Caverns

Aurortle is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). These animals and insects are found out in the field and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research and learn about these habitats, and it can also be used just like items that can help a hunter during a hunting quest.


A large tortoise with an anthill on its back.

If you capture it, the anthill absorbs damage for you when you take a fatal blow. Aurortles and the ants that reside in the anthill have a symbiotic relationship where the ants protect the shell with their hill, in exchange for the tortoise's food scraps and excrement.

Aurortle Location

You can find Aurortle in:


Aurortle Information

Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) is placed inside the hunter's Helper Cage and it can be brought out in the field and used just like an item. Releasing a Hunting Helper will trigger certain actions and effects that can help hunters such as tracking down monsters, placing traps, and fighting monsters.

  • Endemic Life Effect: Absorbs damage for you when you take a fatal blow.
  • Unlock Conditions: ??


Aurortle Notes

  • Upon acquisition, two yellow arrows will appear on the player's vitality bar, indicating the point and amount of damage that would need to be taken for the effect to activate.
  • This functions similarly to Guts/Dango Moxie in that if a player's health is above 80, the next attack will not immediately cart them and instead reduce them to 1 HP. During this time, the player can be carted by further damage if they do not evade further enemy attacks, or become stunned by the absorbed hit.
  • If the player's current health is below the threshold, the following attacks will not be absorbed and the arrows will be greyed out. Only if the arrows are yellow will the effect work.
  • Dango Moxie and Guts will not stack with the Aurortle, and Guts (since it can be leveled up) will take priority. Once the Aurortle saves the player, it must respawn in order to assist once more.
  • If a player faints from damage below the indicated threshold, they will still retain the Aurortle.



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