Arena 03

Category Arena Quest
Level 3star_arena_quest_mhrise_wiki_guide_30px
Objective Slay a Ludroth and a Nargacuga
Client Master Utsushi
Location Flooded Forest
Reward 500 zenny_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide
Time Limit 50 min

Arena 03 is an Arena Quest in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Arena Quests are given by Master Utsushi. These are 'time attack' quests with options to choose between predetermined, specific equipment sets. Records are recorded and ranked.


Yo, Ace! Ready for some awesome Arena Action!? prove your mettle using the equipment provided here!


Arena 03 Information

  • Conditions: Two Players Max
  • Failure Conditions: Rewards hits 0 (Faint once), or time expires
  • Environment Info: Quest Target Only


Weapon Set:


Rank Completion Times:

  • Rank S:   06' 00" 00
  • Rank A:   12' 00" 00
  • Rank B:   50' 00" 00


Arena 03 Notes

Locale Info: No outbreaks or upsurges


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    • Anonymous

      I didn't know how to truly play this game until I consistently got S rank with the great sword on this quest.

      It took a while to figure out movement and positioning, but it felt like I finally understood MH afterwards.

      • Anonymous

        This may quite possibly be the worst quest in the game. Why? Because the arena format simply does not work outside the actual arena.

        1: The time windows feel unreasonable. I'm not saying it's impossible to slay a Royal Ludroth and a Nargacuga in 6 minutes with the provided gear. However, I think that would only be possible (or at least feasable, there's probably some maniac who has transcended the traditional concept of skill and just kills anything he touches) in the traditional arena, which is to say with the buffs you get from the Prism Spiribird and in a somewhat confined setting where the monsters cannot run away.

        2: You don't have the prismatic spiribird and you don't have a petalace, meaning you are at base health and stamina and there's not much you can get from collecting spiribirds, but you still need to collect spirirbirds because base stats just won't cut it without food.

        3: Since Capcom made the glorious decision that you aren't allowed to faint anymore, you need to watch out a lot. And here's the kicker: If you do not collect any spiribirds, you are in one-shot range from Nargas enraged tailslam, which is already a move with questionable hitboxes, scary tracking and deceptive range. So spiribirds are both not worth it and utterly obligatory.

        4: Since you don't have any buddies, you are a lot slower when it comes to moving across the map, further making the time limits seem utterly unreasonable as moving from Ludroth to Nargacuga already takes over a minute.

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